Where’s my Ideal Car? Part II

Well, as per the previous entry, you would have realised that we kind of failed to get what we want. We tried looking for alternatives but there just aren’t enough special wedding cars around for rental.

So we decided to email back one of the exquisite car owners our rough itinerary thinking that ours is a simple one since we only need it for the morning half day to fetch us around. But as expected, the owner said our itinerary that of a typical wedding and is not exactly short so he can’t really give us a discount. We told him we had a tight budget to work with and he was asking how much are we looking at and if it’s too low he can’t be of service to us anymore.

It’s not like Feng and I love that vehicle to death but it’s just that it fits our theme the best. We even looked about for alternatives and came up with one. But eventually we went back to thinking bout renting the one choice that is not within our theme colors. Reason being the cost is really more affordable for a half-day rental and I have all along been wanting to have THAT VEHICLE as my wedding car. So I told Feng, “Heck, I rather have a clash and have something I want and save that money for the car decor.”

So Feng had just given the owner a call to ask ’bout the quotation for a half-day rental and it’s quite a good quote! Rental of the car will be in Jan 2011 since our wedding is in October 2011. Hehez. Probably have to do a comparison with another price quote to decide who to rent from. I MUST HAVE THAT CAR! 🙂

Once again, I asked Feng are we going to post a photo of our wedding car. He said we could probably post a few photos of a few cars and probably you all can guess what’s our final decision. 🙂

Photo credits: WeddingCars.SG, Vintage Wedding Car, Limousine Cab

Where’s my Ideal Car?

I’m down with probably food poisoning yesterday though the doctor didn’t really said anything today considering I was so much better today. There was giddiness, vomiting and diarrhea yesterday and all was over when I fall back to sleep after that tiring few minutes of crap. Thanks to Feng for staying by my side then! 🙂

Back to some updates! We had made our trip reservation on Saturday and hopefully the tour agency replied today to confirm our details! 🙂

As per the blog title, we started looking for our wedding car yesterday. We wanted something white to fit our theme and it obviously cannot be any normal car. Haha! So we started emailing some of them and the price is just horribly expensive for the exquisite vehicle owner that we emailed. Hopefully the 3rd one wouldn’t disappoint us since that is probably the most affordable of the lot. 🙁

It’s interesting to note that one of the vehicle owners told us that he had booking until Nov 2011! Like WHAT?! Seriously people book everything early, isn’t it? Rather book early then to lose out, especially when it’s wedding related and everyone wants everything perfect. 🙂

So book early for everything people! 🙂

Updated (18 October 2011)
Seems like our 3rd choice doesn’t have the color we want! Sad. 🙁