Renovation Journey : Happy Weekend!

Saturday is a happy day! We finally got part 2 of our bathroom accessories from Hoe Kee at Genting Rd, which is also their main branch! 😀

Having read some negative feedbacks about Hoe Kee, this second visit to Hoe Kee wasn’t all that bad. The service staff was really nice and has a good knowledge of the stuffs we asked him. And not forgetting he looks really young so was quite amazed he can answer all our questions. 🙂

Bathroom Accessories Part 2

  • 4 pieces of glass shelves
  • 2 toiler roll holder
  • 2 clothes rack
  • 2 spray bidet
  • 1 Blanco kitchen sink (the smallest we can find and still looks pretty!)
  • 1 Velin toilet bowl (which Feng bargained for a lower price :X)

So overall rather happy ‘cos we got all the items we want! Just left with the rain-shower. Probably getting the one we set our eyes on at Hoe Kee after measuring our bathroom height. Rain-shower is such a pain to find something that’s nice and not too long. Stupid HDB’s fault for boxing up the pipes and lowering the height for a rain-shower! URGH.

After shopping at Hoe Kee, we took a cab down to Punggol and of ‘cos, as usual, it started raining or should I say POURING when our cab entered into Punggol. Like WTH?! Zzz.

So then we got off at Punggol Spring and made a visit to our house first before heading off to see a Eubiq demo at Damai Grove. Upon opening the door, surprise surprise! Some basic tiling work in areas not going to be affected by the hacking of our kitchen wall has been done! Yippee! Can’t wait to see more work done! 😀

Piggek Barn : Surprise Tilework

Piggeek Barn : Surprise Tilework

Piggeek Barn : Surprise Tilework

Piggeek Barn : Surprise Tilework

So Sunday was a less busy day where we went down to Ted Collection for my 2nd fitting and Feng’s 1st fitting for his suits. Can’t wait to see the end product for my gowns and his suits this Saturday! 😀

After fitting, we went off to roam a bit along Balestier Road to look for our one and only one lighting left for the living room. Seems like nothing fits what the look we both have in our mind. It’s unbelievable how we just can’t find what we want. It’s either too expensive (at Park Mall) or all of them are just too modern for our liking. 🙁

So then we reached and decided to just purchase the lightings we have shortlisted from them the few times we visited their various outlets. Happy buys! We asked for delivery which is 18 bucks regardless of how much you spend with them. 😀

So it’s a tiring but still a happy weekend! Now looking forward to our photoshoot which is coming reaaaaaaaaal sooooooon! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ 🙂

Renovation Journey : Tiler Plan + Bathroom Accessories 1.1

So we applied leave last Friday as our ID will be bringing down the tiler and electrician. The tiler was there to take note of which area to do up the tiling base and kerb and what tiling what we doing for our house. So here’s some drawings he did on our wall to facilitate his work after the wall comes falling down (hopefully by this week! grrrr.)

Piggeek Barn : Our Tiler's Drawing

Piggeek Barn : Our Tiler's Drawing

The electrician was here so as to consult with him on the electrical points and installation we will have in the house and of ‘cos to give us a quotation of the electrical wiring cost. Shall wait for the quotation to be sent to us from our ID before deciding otherwise an alternative we have in mind. 🙂

So after the tiler and electrician visit, .we decided to head down to Sim Siang Choon at Changi to take a look at the bathroom accessories. Here’s presenting our basin and basin-mixer/kitchen sink-mixer. 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Bathroom Accessories Part 1

Piggeek Barn : Bathroom Accessories Part 1

We also got our storage water heater for them. The remaining accessories will leave it for our bathroom accessories shopping part 2 at Hoe Kee. 🙂

Many busy days to come and we already had the most tiring Saturday ever. We need a break!

Renovation Schedule Update

Just a brief update :

7th May 2011

Tiles selection at Hafary, Balestier Road.
Dropped by lighting and sanitary ware stores, but found the price a little too steep for our liking.

13th May 2011

Met up with the electrician and tiler to confirm some details at our new place.
Electrician will quote based on what was discussed.
Still awaiting HDB’s wall hacking approval and 3D drawings.

15th May 2011

3D drawings version 1.0 received! Fabulous!

18th May 2011 to 28th May 2011

Our ID would be overseas on business trip. Hopefully, the hacking would have been approved, and tiling would take place during this period as minimal ID involvement is required.