Renovation Journey : Delivery Day Part ONE

22 July, 2011
It was finally time to fill up the house with the lovely items that we have bought for the house!

The first delivery consists of part of most of the electrical appliances that we have bought and some furnitures.

First it was our Samsung digital lock (SHS-2320), which we got from the official distributor, Hanman! The guy as shown was here to help us install the digital lock. He was so professional he even brought his own wire extension! o.O
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!

Then everything else just seemed to come at the same time, including our furnitures from Scanteak! So here’s sharing some photos of what we got! 🙂

Our lovely dining table and chairs! Super ♥ the color at Scanteak though do take note that since it’s raw wood, usually what you see at the showroom might not be what you get. We were quite satisfied with what we got! Then there’s the special coffee table! It was like love at first sight when I saw this interesting table that I knew I have to have it as our coffee table! 😀
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!

Our washer and dryer! Really put them into good use, especially the dryer on rainy days? It’s a damn good investment. Haha! 🙂
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!

Our simple fridge from Samsung. 🙂
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!

Our inner-flame Fujioh hob! Wanted to get the highly-raved Rinnai‘s inner-flame hob but it sure is so much more expensive! Like twice the amount that we paid for this Fujioh hob. -.-
I asked the uncle at Goh Ah Bee what exactly is the difference between these two hobs and he told me actually it all depends on my preference. Some people just prefer to have something Made in Japan that’s all. So oh well. We decided to go with Fujioh instead since it’s still one of the recommended brands in forums. No hood for us though but if you’re interested and from what I read, Fujioh’s hood is one of the most affordable and better ones. 🙂
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!

All other electrical appliances were delivered but yet to be installed so no photos of them as yet! Hehez.
So here’s sharing one of the view of the dining and living room with furnitures, including our sofa from Natural Living, another great find to match our house! 🙂
Piggeek Barn : Delivery Day!

For more random photos of the house, you can first my flickr page! 🙂

Appliance Shopping : Part I

After numerous days of researching online, doing price comparison, and visiting stores, we’ve finally purchased our first few pieces of household appliances.

The lucky store? Mega Discount Store.

For a long time, Shan and myself thought that everyone bought their household appliances from mega stores like Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Gain City or Courts.

Well, we thought wrong.

Just a little advice – do check out some of the recommended stores, such as Goh Ah Bee @ Kovan, Everjoint @ Ang Mo Kio and Mega Discount Store @ United Square. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices they can offer you. All you have to do is to provide them with the model number of the appliance you intend to purchase.

During our three weeks of appliance hunting, we’re lucky to have come across many helpful sales personnel. Feel free to approach any of them for advice.

(1) Sam from Goh Ah Bee
(2) Angie from Best Denki, Takashimaya
(3) Henry from Mega Discount Store, United Square
(4) Lady from Rina Electrical, Shaw Centre

If you are going to purchase multiple items together, you may be able to bargain for a better price! Below are our purchases for today!

[1] Fujioh FG792GL : 2-burner inner-flame gas hob

[2] Brandt FC842XS1 : catalytic cleaning oven

[3] Samsung RT54EBPN : 2-door 410-litre fridge

[4] Bosch Maxx 7 VarioPerfect WAE24360SG : 7kg front-loading washer

[5] Bosch Maxx 6 WTA74100ZA : 6kg sensor dryer