Our Genies

It started with me wanting to get a separate photographer instead of getting a photographer from a bridal studio since I have been reading a lot of horror stories in the forum and I don’t really like my wedding to go that way. And also being am amateur photographer, I prefer to choose my own photographer based on their blogs rather than trusting those photo albums from the bridal studio and commercialised website.

Since we all know that bridal studios love to earn a great amount of money out of every wedding couple by tempting them to buy more photos for their album, when each photo don’t come cheap, we decided there was probably no point in going with a bridal studio. A one time visit to a wedding show and the whole hard-selling tactics just tired us more than get us interested. Not forgetting we have to bargain if we really want to go with a bridal studio. And of ‘cos there are the crafty ones that will make sure you don’t see the little details they didn’t write in the contract!

Not wanting to go through this tiring and maybe worrying process, we decided to go ala-carte. We probably trust ourselves most than anyone else out there when it comes to our wedding. We really want to look for people who have the passion to create a magical wedding for us, rather than people who only wants to earn our hard-earned money. So the spamming of email starts and after some visiting, here is the list of Our Genies! 🙂

Wedding Venue
A search high and low for the perfect wedding venue that fits the budget and our expectations. Introducing the CBD wedding venue, M Hotel. 🙂
M Hotel

Photo credit to M Hotel.

Bridal Gowns
Among the many aggressive bridal studios and expensive bridal designers, we have found a needle in the haystack. In charge of providing the beautiful wedding gown, tea dress and evening gown, introducing the designer boutique, Ted Collection. 🙂
For more information, you can visit the Ted Collection’s thread on Singapore Brides.
Ted Collection

Photo credit to Ted Collection.

Pre-Wedding and Actual Day Photographer
All the way from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, we found our pretty lady photographer to capture our special moments. Introducing the photographer, Grace from Stories. 🙂
For more updates, you can also visit Stories Facebook page.
Grace Profile

Photo credit to Stories.

Makeup Artist
The one who beautifies me during our solemnization in June 2010. The one who will beautify me for our wedding in 2011. Introducing the makeup artist, Dana. 🙂
For more makeup portfolio, you can also visit Dana’s Facebook Page.

Photo Credit to Dana.

The one who will journey to our paradise and beautifies me as we enjoy the lovely trip together. Introducing the makeup artist for our pre-wedding photoshoot, Cherry. 🙂
For more makeup portfolio, you can also visit Cherry’s Facebook Page.

Photo Credit to Cherry.

The Master who aids us in selection of our wedding dates! The youngest full-time professional Feng Shui master in Singapore, he is both competent and professional. Introducing the geomancer, David. 🙂

Photo Credit to David.

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