The First Outing

His Words

I don’t remember how I asked Shan out.

As far as I know, it wasn’t exactly a nerve-wrecking experience. It sort of came out naturally – both of us had too much time on our hands after the exams, why not go to town and enjoy the day?

A food outing plus a movie – as simple as it can get. We went to Sakae Sushi, and were seated beside one of those conveyor belt thing, which made it easy for us to chat and grab something to eat at the same time. We had a nice chat during lunch, on mostly random stuff I guess. Somehow, it felt like I’ve already known Shan for a long time. We were in no danger of slipping into one of those “awkward silence” moments.

The one thing I remember most was that she ate a corn sushi. Now, who does that? Interestingly, I still remember what she wore that day. That’s amazing, considering I don’t recall what I was wearing myself.

Then, we watched a comedy titled “Duplex”, which we both enjoyed. We did not stay out till late that day, and we parted ways in the late afternoon. Nope, I didn’t send her home. Neither did I shower her with gifts, well except .. that. *laughs* (see below)

The thing is, at this point in time, I wasn’t going all out to woo her at all. It just felt like I enjoyed her company tremendously. On the way home, it dawned upon me that Shan is a very, very special girl indeed.

Her Words

We had our first outing at City Hall and it was to catch a movie titled, Duplex. Before watching a movie, we had our lunch at Sakae Sushi at Marina Square. I always remember him asking me if I want one of the Bodyshop soaps he just bought, which I obviously said, “Why will I need soap? Haha!” It was really weird for someone to offer another person a SOAP though in his defense, he kept saying it smells nice. Haha!

We didn’t spend a lot of time then. After the movie ended, we decided to part ways at the MRT station when I took the train while he took the bus home.

I remembered me sms-ing him while on my journey home. Somehow from then on, something special seemed to be brewing between us. 🙂

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