The First Heartbeat

His Words

– to be updated-

Her Words

A birthday celebration. A time for my first heart beat.

Met Feng at Orchard Cineleisure for lunch after he finished his movie with his friends. We had lunch at Lips Cafe and I remembered him recommending to me the Seafood Marinara Pasta since it was my first time there. As usual, Feng being Feng, he decided to give me a small pouch with various mini bottles of perfume. I honestly did not know the reason in the gift and I still don’t really get it now. Haha!

As we were chit chatting, it started raining. Somehow it was from that moment, I started to feel something different as we sat closer together to have our photos taken. My heart was beating really fast then. That’s when I knew, I have fallen for him. 🙂

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