The First Meet-Up

His Words

To pick up where I’ve left off, the story goes that one day, Shan spotted a SAJC class photo of myself on Friendster. Of all coincidences in the world, we hit on the right one! Shan was from the same school as well. She started off with the first online message, and I replied with another.

Before long, we were chatting on an internet messaging system called ICQ. You see, back in those days, MSN wasn’t exactly that popular. It’s interesting how I’ve only known Shan for a couple of days, and yet it seemed like I’ve known her for ages. Maybe a common ground in a new environment made for interesting topics to chat about. Of course, not forgetting the fact that it was extremely fun chatting with Shan!

In one of our random topics, Infernal Affairs popped up, and I had the opportunity to lend a DVD of it to Shan. Thus, it set the stage for our first face-to-face meeting – the grand finale of my first semester in university.

It was after an extremely sucky Statistics paper (half of which I had left blank) that I first spoke to Shan – now, that brought a smile to my face.

Her Words

It was probably when Infernal Affairs 3 was coming out sometime that year and we were talking about what movies to watch, I mentioned to Feng that I watched Infernal Affairs but I didn’t get to catch Infernal Affairs 2.
And with such coincidence, Feng actually had the Infernal Affairs 2 DVD at home. Hence he suggested passing to me, which happened to be after our examinations.

We met up outside the examination hall after we finished our paper. That was the first time we got up-close and see each other in real life.

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