Our Fairy Tale

Before we start narrating our love story, let us introduce ourselves to you. 🙂

The Groom – Feng
Once upon a time, he wasn’t that interested in girls. Or rather, no one really did capture his attention. During the days of geek-dom, computer and video games were everything. With endless days spent serving the nation, only the thumping bass of Eurodance was able set his heart pumping. Yet, one fine day, without any warning, some higher powers above decided to gift him an angel – a girl who could truly touch his heart.

The Bride – Shan
She is a normal girl looking for a normal person to fall in love with. However love has never been easy for her since the day she understands love, or did she? But all is not lost when she found the most extraordinary love with the most extraordinary guy she has ever met. And the guy is of course, Feng. 🙂

Our ROMPhoto credit to Darakusan.

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