Our Barn

This will serve as a quick summary to our renovation journey!
Check out the more important milestones below =D

Grand Opening : 14th April 2011

Keys received from HDB.
Defects form submitted.

Defects Rectified : 23rd April 2011

Worker happened to come into our flat to do rectifications.

Renovation Preparation : 26th April 2011

ID confirmed for renovation works.

Renovation Preparation : 1st May 2011

Met up with our ID for an on-site visit to identify the problem areas not shown on the floor plan.
Cheque for 10% payment.

Renovation Preparation : 3rd May 2011

Renovation Permit submitted to HDB.

Day #1 : 5th May 2011

Auspicious Day for starting of renovation as given by our geomancer – one tile was hacked! Nothing much would be done until the renovation permit is approved. Met Kaisoon’s air-conditioner technician for an on-site assessment of our air-con needs and trunking suggestions.

Day #3 : 7th May 2011

Tiles selection done @ Hafary, Balestier Road.

Day #8 : 12th May 2011

ID revert that wall-hacking would require Professional Engineer (PE) endorsement @ $600.

Day #9 : 13th May 2011

Appointment with ID @ our apartment : the tiler to finalize the masonry work, and the electrician to determine the power points and lighting requirements.

Day #11 : 15th May 2011

ID changed our unit’s lock to number lock to facilitate the renovation process.
3D drawing version #1 received – very happy with the outcome.

Day #12 : 16th May 2011

ID received PE’s endorsement for wall-hacking.

Day #14 : 18st May 2011

ID leaves for overseas business trip.

Day #15 : 19th May 2011

HDB approves the wall-hacking for our apartment, to be done between 23rd May to 25th May.

Day #17 : 21st May 2011

Visited our apartment to find minor masonry work done.
Materials like tiles and sand already moved into the unit.

Day #19 : 23rd May 2011

Hacking of kitchen wall carried out.

Day #22 : 26th May 2011

Late night visit to our apartment to find kitchen wall gone! Cement screeding done for bedrooms, and kitchen tiles were laid.

Day #25 : 29th May 2011

ID returns from overseas business trip.

Day #26 : 30th May 2011

ID sms-ed me that he made a morning visit to Punggol Spring and things are coming along well.
Air-con trunking date confirmed.

Day #28 : 1st June 2011

PigGeeks going overseas.

Day #31 : 4th June 2011

PigGeeks back from overseas.

Day #32 : 5th June 2011

Appointment with ID to confirm doors & materials.
All tiling and masonry works completed.

Day #35 : 8th June 2011

Bedroom floor laminates completed.

Day #38 : 11th June 2011

Confirmation and commencement of electrical works.
Installed 48-inch by 68-inch metal rack in house shelter.

Day #44 : 17th June 2011

Bathroom glass partitions installed.
Air-con trunking completed in one (entire) day.
False ceiling work began and partially completed.
Sim Siang Choon bathroom accessories delivered.
Eubiq track delivered.

Day #45 : 18th June 2011

Carpentry discussion in the morning.
First coat of paint is applied.
Bathroom doors installed.

Day #52 : 25th June 2011

Most of the renovation debris + waste cleared.
Service yard windows installed.
Bedroom doors installed.
Lighting installation work began and partially completed.

Day #54 : 27th June 2011

Chemical wash #1.
Glass backing for kitchen installed.

Day #56 : 29th June 2011

Start of carpentry installation.

Day #59 : 2nd July 2011

Carpentry installation 90% complete.
Delivery of in-built appliances.

Day #61 : 4th July 2011

Measurement to be done for solid top surfaces.

Day #66 : 9th July 2011

Air-conditioning units installed.
Mirrors installed.

Day #69 : 12th July 2011

Solid top surfaces installed.

Day #73 : 16th July 2011

Kitchen sink installed.
Bathrooms partially done up.

Day #78 : 21st July 2011

Kitchen glass backings mounted.
Preparation for deliveries : painting (round two), cleaning, rectifications, and re-grouting done.

Day #79 : 22nd July 2011

Electrical appliances delivered.
Furniture delivered.
City Gas activated.

Day #80 : 23th July 2011

Water storage heater installed.
TVs mounting done.
Kitchen electrical work completed, including mounting of in-built oven.

Day #87 : 30th July 2011

Last piece of lighting above dining table installed.
Master bathroom WC installed.

Day #94 : 6th August 2011

Confirmed vendor for curtains, and measurements for curtain done.
Bathroom rectification completed.
Final paint touch-ups done.

Day #101 : 13th August 2011 (exactly 4 months after we received our keys from HDB)

Final rectifications completed.
Renovation completed and officially handed over!

Post Renovation : 20th August 2011

Curtains installation.

Post Renovation : 4th September 2011

Moved in!

20 thoughts on “Our Barn”

  1. Hi,
    Like to find out how was the experience with Ken so far? Was the painting still as bad as they feedbacked in renotalk? Also, how’s the workmanship for the carpentry?

    Thanks, as I’m trying to see if I should shortlist Ken as well.

    1. Hi reine,

      Our renovation experience with Ken as our ID was great. As stated in our Renotalk review, the only problem we had were with the plumbers. I wasn’t really aware of bad feedback on their painting, but our painting was OK. After the first round of painting, subsequent paint touch-ups were done as requested by us.

      If I really had to rate the carpentry workmanship, I would give it 8/10. No issue so far, having completed our renovation 1 month ago, and moved in for 2 weeks.

      Do request a visit to their completed projects to get a feel of the quality of Summit Design. As for engaging an ID, we found Ken to be a good and responsible ID.

  2. Hi Feng,

    I have engaged Ken as our ID too. May i know where u bought the kitchen sink, it looks nice! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Hello! I really enjoy looking at the process of your barn! Thank you for sharing all the useful info! Especially like your kitchen area and your selection of the tiles for your kitchen and room. 🙂

    1. Thanks Evon! Unfortunately been kind of slacking off updating about the rest of the renovation process. Hehehz. Hope will be able to come up with some time to continue updating so everyone can benefit from our experience! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your blog. Thank you for sharing. I’m doing some reno too, and also interested in getting the Philips downlight. May I know if they are good so far? Why did you choose these over the normal PLC types?

    1. Hi Betty! Hmm, it has been some time already..

      If I recall correctly, the sales guy at the shop told us it gives off the same brightness at a lower watt (thus saves energy), and it is more durable.

      So far so good, we’ve been using for 6 months, all are still working. Also, it looks better!

  5. Hi

    Your website is great!

    May I have your ID contacts and info as well as your nice dinning lamp?

    TIA ^^

  6. Wendy :


    Your website is great!

    May I have your ID contacts and info as well as your nice dinning lamp?

    TIA ^^

    Hi Wendy, our ID is Ken from Summit Design. I’ve emailed you his mobile number separately. We bought our dining suspension lamp from Veillux @ Park Mall. [http://www.veillux.com]

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