Been too Busy and Lazy!

To anyone out there keeping track of our blog, we have already move in since last Sunday! Have been neglecting this blog a bit as we settled in during this past week and also been really busy and a tad bit lazy with trying to update this blog. I really hope I will find some time to update with the backlog 0f our renovation updates before we write our final review for our ID and of ‘cos finally revealing who that ID might be!

Just yesterday we had our last deliveries: our bed frame and mattress! So our house is finally complete! Hehez. 🙂

For now, am feeling the stress from the wedding preparations as seen from the count-down on the right side of this blog. Currently we are in the midst of confirming our invited guests and invite design. Need to get this done soon so I will feel slightly less worried. *stressed stressed*

Hope to update more again! Tadah! 🙂

No photo of us in the house but here’s my dear Eva who just moved in with us on Friday. 😀

Eva Pendegast : My New Home

One Done, Many To Go!

And so it goes, we have finally received email confirmation from AsiaTravel regarding our accommodation reservation for next year’s photo-shoot. One less thing to worry about for us then.

In the mean time, we have been digging and looking through photos of ourselves when we were toddlers. We had lots of laugh looking at how cute, funny or ridiculous we looked!

Shan was particularly fixated on certain photos of me. *laughs* Not sure why, but here’s one that I really like. Go on and laugh. Enjoy!

Updated (31 October 2010): shan
I really love the cute little boy that Feng was and at the same time those photos also provided some real good entertainment for me to laugh over. Especially certain photos… Haha! But here’s one of me! Enjoy too! 🙂

Where’s my Ideal Car?

I’m down with probably food poisoning yesterday though the doctor didn’t really said anything today considering I was so much better today. There was giddiness, vomiting and diarrhea yesterday and all was over when I fall back to sleep after that tiring few minutes of crap. Thanks to Feng for staying by my side then! 🙂

Back to some updates! We had made our trip reservation on Saturday and hopefully the tour agency replied today to confirm our details! 🙂

As per the blog title, we started looking for our wedding car yesterday. We wanted something white to fit our theme and it obviously cannot be any normal car. Haha! So we started emailing some of them and the price is just horribly expensive for the exquisite vehicle owner that we emailed. Hopefully the 3rd one wouldn’t disappoint us since that is probably the most affordable of the lot. 🙁

It’s interesting to note that one of the vehicle owners told us that he had booking until Nov 2011! Like WHAT?! Seriously people book everything early, isn’t it? Rather book early then to lose out, especially when it’s wedding related and everyone wants everything perfect. 🙂

So book early for everything people! 🙂

Updated (18 October 2011)
Seems like our 3rd choice doesn’t have the color we want! Sad. 🙁

Post Number One

As all stories goes, there is always the first word that started it all. So here you go, my first post here at YAWB! Catchy name eh?

With this blog, it will serve as our wedding journal and accompany us through this one year of wedding preparation! We’ll try our best to update this space here with all the juicy details, so sit back and enjoy reading!

Hello World!

Alright alright. I was trying to be geeky by using every programming language’s first programming example, “Hello World” to create my first post in our wedding blog.

Today, Feng and I finally decided to use some of our free time to start creating our wedding blog! This idea has been going on in our minds but we just didn’t put in the time to start work. Call us lazy bums or sleepy heads, I don’t care. At least the blog is finally up! I’m so proud of us. 🙂

Since this blog is created, thought I will at least give my first greetings to everyone. We will surely update this little corner of ours with many random ideas we have while planning for our wedding!

So stay tuned! 😀