Nikoi Reloaded!

The month of June has been pretty busy and exciting us, with a visit to a lovely island for our pre-wedding photo-shoot! At the moment, our photos are being worked on and hopefully, we’ll be able to get a glimpse of them real soon!

Nikoi – a little slice of paradise not far away from Singapore.

Of course, we could not forget about our well-travelled soft-toys! Even when our luggage are packed with our clothes and props, there will still be space for them!

The morning after we were done with our photo-shoot, we actually woke up at 5am to catch the sunrise again.  Absolutely breathtaking.

One Done, Many To Go!

And so it goes, we have finally received email confirmation from AsiaTravel regarding our accommodation reservation for next year’s photo-shoot. One less thing to worry about for us then.

In the mean time, we have been digging and looking through photos of ourselves when we were toddlers. We had lots of laugh looking at how cute, funny or ridiculous we looked!

Shan was particularly fixated on certain photos of me. *laughs* Not sure why, but here’s one that I really like. Go on and laugh. Enjoy!

Updated (31 October 2010): shan
I really love the cute little boy that Feng was and at the same time those photos also provided some real good entertainment for me to laugh over. Especially certain photos… Haha! But here’s one of me! Enjoy too! 🙂

The Trip, And The Car.

The past two weeks was simply a big, logistic challenge.

We were intend on making our pre-wedding shoot a fun experience. Thus, it was a challenge for us to come up with a place that was beautiful, a plan that was within our budget, and a trip we would enjoy! Of course, we had already given this some thought beforehand, so it was down to the details this time round.

Sourcing for the best travel deals.
Calculating, and re-calculating travel expenses.
Coordinating travel schedules with our make-up artist and photographer.
Sending emails, and waiting for replies.

Alas, we’re almost done with the travel arrangements. Deliberately left out some details here – we’ll be sure to let you in on them when we post our blog entries next year!

Having settled The Trip, we turned our attention to The Car. More than just a tool for travelling, the bridal car ought to be special! Now that we’ve spent some time (see previous post) checking out the available options in Singapore, I have to say that we’re sort of limited in choices.

We wanted something spacious. Something that looks different. Something with character. We found some that probably meets the criteria, but we didn’t really like the price tag.

However, all is not lost – there is hope.

Logistics Headache.

Honestly at the start I didn’t know that planning the logistics can be such a headache. But comparing planning something for work and planning for my wedding, I rather do the logistics! So that’s looking at the brighter side. 🙂

But yesterday I was really having a very tiring time planning my finance AND also settling the logistics issues with Feng as we replied to emails sent by the two female genies who will be going with us for the pre-wedding photoshoot. As mentioned previously, we asked Cherry if her husband is interested in joining us. So Cherry said he’s eager to join her in the trip and that’s when the logistics headache started. We asked for their preference of extending the trip since Feng and I will be doing the same so as to enjoy some alone time. Hehez. Then after a number of emails, we finally got them settled today when both Grace and Cherry replied! Phew.

So now we have the choice of rooms settled and the time of departure settled. We can finally start gathering everyone’s particulars and do our bookings soon! Now Cherry seems to be more excited than me in going for the pre-wedding photoshoot. Haha!

I can’t wait to go for the photoshoot too! It will be a triple date with Grace and her husband, Cherry and her husband and not forgetting, US! Super looking forward to it! 😀

Probably time for me to inform Ted Collection on the change of period that I need the gowns! I hate making calls but this is one call I have to make! 🙂

I’m sorry if this blog looks plain with no photos since it’s all about logistics and all right now. And the less photos you see here also means the more surprise for those who are attending. Hehez. Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

Logistics Logistics!

Current Feng and I are in the midst of settling our logistics for our pre-wedding photoshoot. Since as you all know that we are doing an ala-carte wedding, we have to plan all the logistics ourselves also. Which means having to email all our genies to enquire about their schedule.

The only hiccup I had during the planning of the logistics was trying to confirm my makeup artist. As Dana has just given birth to a baby boy and not being really sure if her husband can handle both her kids when she’s not around, she said she can only confirm her availability in February next year. After discussing with Feng, we decided that it might be too late since we really don’t want any last minute hiccups to happen so close to our photoshoot dates. So that’s when we decided to start looking around for alternatives.

After looking around SGBrides and local forums, I have sent quite some emails to a few makeup artists. Probably I’m just too picky, I ended up having less than 5 choices for my alternatives. Luckily for me, the one lady I had in mind was available for our dates! And at a reasonable cost! And she’s none other than Cherry Au, who used to be Dana’s student! 😀

So the excited us decided to further enquire with Cherry whether her husband is interested to join her for our photoshoot, which we will be having overseas. The reason why we are doing this is ‘cos we will be going to a resort and the cost of having another person to go is actually not that big a difference, but of ‘cos the husband will be a self-paying individual for the trip.

I’m not ’bout to reveal where is the location. We decided to keep this a secret until probably after our photoshoot. We are trying to keep as many things a mystery as possible, giving our guests more surprise for the day. Hehez. 🙂

So now we are just waiting for more details from the resort before we furnished the information to our genies before booking the trip! So looking forward to the day! 😀