Fun First Appointment at Ted Collection!

Finally get to go for my first official appointment with Ted Collection! This is the time when gown designs and colors are confirmed!

So we reached Ted Collection at 1PM for our appointment with Yap, my gown designer. So as always, Yap asked me if I have done any homework. Haha! Honestly I did a lot but nothing really caught my eye as much as one gown by Amy Michelson. As always, not going to say which one since my wedding gown is inspired from parts of the gown by Amy Michelson. 😀

So I showed Yap all the photos that I collected on my MacBook Air, though not a lot, but Yap was able to get an idea what kind of look I was looking for my wedding gown. As for the evening gown and cheongsam, these two were more difficult for me to know what kind of design fits me.

So, one hour was spent discussing with Yap over the design of the wedding gown to try to find out the best look for me since my concern was my bony build. After some drawings and looking at photos in magazines, he finally spotted a lovely front design and the whole look fits perfectly with the back design of the Amy Michelson gown. And he also incorporated the color that I want instead of just a plain white wedding gown! Am so happy the whole gown design looks great! 😀

Then we moved on to the design of the evening gown. Since I don’t have much ideas to the design of the evening gown and it has to fit a CERTAIN requirement, I decided to let Yap try to think up of the design for me. Since we are trying to have a different look for all 3 gowns/dresses and upon spotting a toga, I suggested a toga design and the rest was all nicely and lovingly suggested by Yap. It really has a special design to it and never will I thought of something so interesting. Haha! The tougher decision was the color to use. So after some consideration and recommendation by Yap, decided to go with something vibrant. 🙂

Next we have my cheongsam! Yap showed me an album on all the cheongsam designs categorised into 4 categories. So after some explanation of the differences, I made my mind and then once again, the COLORS! This was tougher considering I don’t want something too dark for cheongsam since I’m going to wear it in the morning for the tea session. So after going through the remaining palette, we have decided on the color combination too! Hehez.

So once mine was done after 3 hours, it was Feng’s turn! Feng decided to have both his suits made at Ted Collection since it will be more convenient to have fitting at the same place and easier to match my outfit. Hehez. So after some flipping of files and magazines and with the selection of the cloth, ALL WAS DONE! Yay!

So now we have one big item down and shall wait for our first fitting! 😀

Ted Collection Gown Designs

Up To Something Again

One fine day, we find ourselves at a remote part of Singapore – Bukit Batok Industrial Park. We were on a mission to check something out! I guessed there are endless things to settle for our upcoming wedding.

Had a little hiccup with the scheduled appointment time, but everything went well after that. The corridor looked old and dirty! Snapped a couple of photos while we were waiting, might give you a clue or two on why we were there!