Renovation Journey : Let’s Get Tough!

As you are reading the previous blog entry, I am already typing the next blog entry! Got to clear my backlogs so that I can start showing lovely photos of my almost completed house with furnitures! 😀

So on 12 July, we had our solid top installation. It was actually a pretty fast process where the solid-top guys came down with these pre-cut solid tops and went to the various places in the house to start putting them into place. In just a few minutes, the solid tops were nicely positioned and glued at the side with silicone. The workers then help us to polish our solid tops. But as usual, there will always be some flaws as Feng spotted them and asked our ID to rectify them. 🙂

Say goodbye to scratch surfaces and hello to smoothies! Presenting our white kitchen! Sort-of. 😀

Piggeek Barn : Let's Get Tough!

Piggeek Barn : Let's Get Tough!

Happy to have the solid top for the breakfast counter so now I can use it with the MacBook Air without making my skin feel scratchy from the woody surface. 😀

Piggeek Barn : Let's Get Tough!

Solid tops for the bathroom counter-tops! The holes are drilled to the position of our basins and taps by the workers after confirming the position with us. 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Let's Get Tough!

Here’s showing the acrylic board and T5 light used in our bathrooms! We replaced the plastic mesh so as to have a cleaner look in the bathrooms. And as mentioned by our ID, to prevent any creepy crawlies from going in. :X

The T5 lights are actually brighter than our lighting point! Now we used it more often than the light installed. Haha! Luckily we didn’t spend a lot on the light. 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Let's Get Tough!

Piggeek Barn : Let's Get Tough!

I guess that’s all for today! Will try to come up with the next set of photos soon! We are reaching the end soooooon! Stay tuned! 😀

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  1. Hi,

    I’m very interested by the ang bao box you have, its really very beautiful, do you mind sharing where did you bought it?

    And your home deco is beautiful, do share with me.

    Thanks alot.


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