Renovation Journey : Woody and Wiry

After selecting our laminates after coming back from our short getaway, the laminates were already up in all the bedrooms when we visited the house during the following weekend! *happy*

Piggeek Barn : Woody and Wiry

After checking out the house, our electrician arrived at our house to discuss with us the electrical point and power plugs position around the house. Unknown to us, they were actually starting their electrical wiring that day. So yet another surprise but glad that everything seemed to be progressing really well without us nagging the ID. More Brownie points! 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Woody and Wiry

Besides meeting the eletrician, we also met up with Kenneth from ASL Power to discuss about our Eubiq track configuration that we will be using for our study room mainly due to the uncertainty of how many plugs we might need for the room and Eubiq is a good system to solve our problem! Kenneth is a really nice guy and he gave really nice advices so we can make better use of the Eubiq system. 🙂

During this same time, Tony came down to our house to help us install the bomb shelter racks. So yippee! We finally have racks to put our delivered items! 😀

Piggeek Barn : Woody and Wiry

After confirming our Eubiq configuration, we waited for our lightings to be delivered from Lightings.Com.Sg. Honestly, Punggol ALWAYS RAIN whenever we were there. While waiting for the delivery guy to arrive, it started raining and then it was POURING. Poor delivery guy came drenched and his delivery invoice was so damped that he said we don’t have to sign it already since it’s already totally wet. Luckily the lightings are nicely packed away in the boxes. 🙂

After the delivery was done, we went ahead to make a visit to our neighbour before heading back to the house to check on progress again on the electrical worker. Seems like he was done after we left. Haha! Fast. So then is back on the road to rush for more appointments and shopping! 😀

Piggeek Barn : Woody and Wiry

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