Renovation Journey : Happy Trunking Day!

It’s Happy Trunking Day! That means we are having our air-conditioner trunking and that means lots of noise, mess and dust!

Piggeek Barn : Happy Trunking Day!

Our ID also came down that day so that the air-conditioner workers can ask our ID any questions pertaining to the positioning of the trunking. We had one troublesome issue for the study room as the electrical wiring intersected with the air-conditioner trunking and unit position. So our ID advised the worker to remove the electrical wiring trunking and allow them to proceed first. Our ID will advise our electrician on the issue. Hope to see some magic done this coming week. *prays*

Also during all the drilling and hammering, the remnants were like hitting our precious unprotected laminates due to lack of cardboard to protect the floor laminates! o.O

Lesson learnt: Probably can consult your ID or contractor and get the air-conditioner trunking done before the laminates are up in the room. May or may not affect houses that use tiles for their room since it’s less damaging as compared to laminates. Also might solve the conflict the electrical wiring might have with the air-conditioner trunking and unit position ‘cos usually the trunking position is quite fixed and electrical wirings can probably run otherwise. 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Happy Trunking Day!

We got our air-conditioner from Kaisoon since Mushroom’s family had their renovation some time back and his brother researched Kaisoon to be quite a good and reputable company. So we decided to go ahead and use their service as well. So far so good. We will be having 2 days of air-conditioner installation where the trunking will be done before the installation of the air-conditioner units after the carpentry is up. 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Happy Trunking Day!

Also on parallel track, the false ceiling was being put up on that day too. It was to prepare for the carpentry measurement the next day so that the carpenter can have an accurate measurement of how high the carpentry works will have to be. 🙂

Lunch at Popeyes at Punggol Promenade Riverside before heading back to do a quick visit on the workers and gave them some drinks to reward their hard work. Then it was back to Feng’s house before heading out for some GDL/Dowry/An Chuan items shopping! 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Happy Trunking Day!

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