Renovation Journey : When will the Wall fall.

Login to My HDBPage and checked on the hacking permit status. The status was out in the afternoon since when I checked this morning, nothing was shown.

RE: Application for Renovation Permit

Please refer to your application to carry out renovation works at BLK XXXX, XXX, # XXXXX, SINGAPORE XXXXXX

The following proposed renovation works are pending evaluation by our Technical Departments. We will let you know the result after our Technical Departments have evaluated the proposed renovation works.

  1. Demolition of internal walls at KITCHEN marked RED on plan.
    Arch: On condition:
    Cooking activities should be confined to original kitchen floor area..

If you have any enquiries, please contact our staff at SENGKANG BRANCH OFFICE at Tel No. 65774232.

Application was submitted on 03 May 2011 and now then they updated with this status but still under PENDING! 🙁

Hopefully the hacking permit will be approved soon! I want the renovation to start!

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