Renovation Journey : The Start

5th May was one of the dates that Master David Tong has given to us for the start of our renovation. Considering that our wall hacking permit is still pending approval from the HDB and our ID thinks we can go ahead with this date since the approval might be coming (hopefully and pray and hope!) by next week, we decided to do something minor to signify the start of renovation. Breaking part of a tile. 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Renovation Start Day

Looking forward to our tiles selection and probably lighting and bathroom accessories this Saturday! Another fun day! 😉

And look what we found at our service balcony pipes. SHIT! Yes. Literally SHIT. Bird shit to be exact. And we thought the pipes were leaking before more evidences point to the most possible culprit, bird shit. Luckily we are going to have windows for our service yard. Have you? 🙂

Piggeek Barn : Renovation Start Day

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