Renovation Journey : In The Beginning

We have confirmed the Interior Designer (ID) for our new place! At this moment, I don’t think it would be the right time to reveal the firm or the ID yet. We shall let our renovation experience do the talking.

A brief outline of events prior to signing up with him :

2nd April 2011

First meet-up with him. A pretty short session just to indicate the type of renovation we intend to do, and our budget. We deliberately gave him only the bare minimum requirements so as not to restrict his creativity.

12th April 2011

Received the first quotation and layout design via email. Seemed pretty alright to us, with competitive pricing. More importantly, we were receptive to his layout design. Meanwhile, we collected the keys to our BTO flat.

18th April 2011

Second meet-up to go through the quotation and proposed layout design. A long session as we had a lot of details to go through, but it pays to be careful when it comes to this! Changed some things here and there, and before we knew it, we were starting to be won over by his ideas

23rd April 2011

Show-flat visit! Another round of questions and answers.

26th April 2011

Final meet-up to tie up the details, and we confirmed him as our ID.


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