The Firm, The Plush, and The Weird

We went on a mattress-buying mission.

From knowing absolutely nothing at all at first, to making our purchase eventually – it was definitely a fun experience!

Our first trip brought us to Furniture Mall, where we spent some time trying on mattress from brands like Simmons and Sealy. As we spoke to the boutique assistants and tried on the mattresses, we slowly formed our opinions as to what we liked.

Luckily, both Shan and myself preferred the plushier (softer) type of mattress, as opposed to the firmer ones, so we could easily narrow down our choices. It may be daunting at first, but the more we tried on the mattresses, the more we knew what the different brands had to offer.

Three common brands we shortlisted :
Serta – We felt that they had firmer mattresses which didn’t really suit our preference.
Simmons – Great isolation of movement which means your partner would not be disturbed.
Sealy – The most comfortable in our opinion, despite having transference of motion.

Apart from the “normal” mattresses, there were these “weird” foam mattresses on offer by Omazz and Tempur, which gave a very unique sensation. Not for us! We visited a host of retailers to try out the different mattresses, including Sealy Sleep Palace at Tanglin Place – the only outlet that has Sealy’s exclusive Hotel Collection mattresses.

After some consideration, we finally decided on Sealy Posturepedic Palatial Crest. This was without doubt the most comfortable mattress we have tried! Made our way to Furniture Mall to try on the mattress for the final time (on Christmas Day), and bought it!

Our queen-size mattress is longer and thicker than the standard ones, so do take note of the dimension of the mattress you’re buying!
Palatial Crest Mattress Dimension : 1520mm x 1980mm x 380mm

Don’t forget to ask for your mattress protector and pillows! We got extras!
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The grand prize we’re gonna win!

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