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It has been some time since Shan raised the idea of going for facial treatments, in preparation for our big day. After all, if we could look our very best, why not?

The ever-diligent Shan did plenty of research, and eventually decided on Leonard Drake (LD), having come across some good reviews on it. Being the ever-supportive hubby, of course I didn’t mind accompanying her for a facial! I know of some guys who frown upon such un-manly stuff! Can anyone spell metrosexual?

And so, we booked our appointments and had our facials done. The overall experience was great. Upon reaching the venue, LD’s consultants got us to take a seat and fill up a simple questionnaire to get to know us more and what type of treatment we felt we needed.

Once we were done, it was followed by a simple consultation where our main problem was pinpointed, and a facial treatment was recommended. Shan got herself an Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment, while I got an Advance Ultrasonic Skin Radiance. As first-time customers, we can enjoy a 40% discount.

No worries if you’re lugging along shopping bags, large lockers are provided to store all your belongings. We were then ushered into the treatment room – we got ourselves a couple treatment room, Yay!

During each step of the treatment, Nana (my skincare consultant for the day) would explain what exactly was happening – great for a noob like myself. Well, I couldn’t really keep up with all the stuff that was going on (cleansing I assumed, followed by steam treatment and extraction, finishing with the ultrasonic and mask thing), but I was happy to just lie there and have a good rest with soothing music playing in the background. I might have dozed off for a minute or two?

The entire treatment process took about 1 to 1.5 hours. Both Shan and myself were impressed enough to sign on for a basic package with Leonard Drake, which according to LD’s consultants should have sufficient credits for about 5 treatments. More info here. Also, because we sign on for the package as first-time customers, we would be entitled to $150 off our first treatment.

More updates when we go for subsequent treatments at Leonard Drake!

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  1. Hi,
    First congratulations to you and Shan on your wedding!
    Chanced upon this blog when I was searching on Leonard Drake. May I ask, how much did you guys have to spend for the basic package at Leonard Drake’s? And were you able to utilise the credit for the 1st facial? 🙂 Thanks!

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